Automotive Industry

Stolle base plates are an essential component of every test stand. Our many years of experience in the automobile industry allow us to produce test stand plates to meet your exact requirements.

We offer you high-quality turnkey product solutions: from planning and development, through design and manufacture right on to worldwide delivery and assembly - everything can be obtained from one flexible and absolutely reliable source.

Our test stand plates have oscillation-insulated bearings, which reduce vibrations and shocks by up to 90 percent. The adjustable air suspension system and high intrinsic weight of the plates result in extremely low frequencies, irrespective of the load.

Areas of application for Stolle test stand plates:

  • Engine test stands
  • Gear test stands
  • Exhaust test stands
  • Brake test stands
  • Axle test stands
  • Acoustic test stands
  • Roller test stands
  • Torsion test stands
  • Shaker test stands
  • Road simulation test stands

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