Energy Industry

We manufacture tooling plates for the energy industry. Designed individually, they meet the requirements of the wind power industry, power plant construction, condenser, nuclear, pump and gas turbine as well as generator and large-scale transmission system engineering.

We offer high-quality turnkey product solutions: from planning and development, through design and manufacture, complimented by worldwide delivery and assembly - everything can be reliably obtained from one flexible source.

To cushion the high forces applied during testing, the plates are often combined with a seismic mass. In this context, the seismic masses are not only used as a rigid base for machines, but also as inert masses. The foundation usually consists of a reinforced concrete construction with a cross-sectional shape and mass adapted to the application.

In addition, the plates are firmly anchored to the concrete foundation. The design of the plates and/or the plate / concrete foundation combination can be tailored according to the application in question and precisely configured to the speed, momentum and force to be applied to the test specimen by the drive unit. 

At the customer's request, FEM calculations for the plate or the foundation can be carried out for a more accurate definition of the plate design. We can carry out all planning services required along with the construction work.

We can also mount the plates and foundations so as to secure vibration isolation, with access to various air, steel or elastomer spring systems. PES will adapt to your requirements!

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