Metrology Industry

Stolle plates are individually designed, depending on the size and weight of the components to be measured, adjusted to load and manufactured for a variety of guide systems. 

T-slots, drill-holes and marking lines can be incorporated according to your requirements. Thanks to our high manufacturing capacity and flexible processes, we can respond to all your requirements and product changes at short notice, offering you rapid delivery.

Thanks to their dense surface structure, Stolle measuring or marking plates have a particularly high section modulus against bending or buckling. For this reason, they are used wherever a precise and even surface has to form the basis, or where parts are checked, measured or marked during development or production.

We are one of the largest suppliers of measuring plates in the field of horizontal measuring systems, and our customers include all of the renowned manufacturers of gauging machines in Europe.

Stolle measuring plates are manufactured in compliance with accuracy level DIN 876. The plates are individually constructed and their load bearing capacity adjusted according to the size and weight of the workpieces to be measured. 

The measuring plates can be manufactured for many different guide systems. Special lateral processing for connection to measuring machines is also possible.

We offer a wide range of set-up and adjustment elements for precise alignment on the foundation.

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