Installation Services

To complement the supply of our BW-Fixator Units and Pagel V1 High Strength Machinery Grout we offer a comprehensive Pre-Installation Service for installing BW-Fixator Units using Pagel V1 Grout. 

For technical support or a quotation for our pre-installation services please contact us

Pre-installing BW-Fixator Units

  • Mark the BW-Fixator Unit positions based on customer’s foundation layout drawing 
  • Align and level using a laser tracker instrument 
  • Apply shuttering around BW-Fixator Units 
  • Mix and place Pagel V1 High Strength Machinery Grout into the shuttered area around the BW-Fixator Units
  • Allow the Pagel V1 Grout to cure 
  • Remove shuttering 
  • The BW-Fixator units are now ready for the machine to be installed

Advantages of Pre-installing BW-Fixator Units

  • Precise and time saving measurement with a laser tracker 
  • The mount installation is installed and grout has cured before the machines arrival so the programme is advanced
  • Heavy lift team attendance is reduced therefore cost reduction benefit
  • Any foundation issues will be highlighted by PES prior to your arrival so minimising further cost
  • Mounts will be installed within +- 0.2 mm vertical accuracy and +- 0.5mm lateral accuracy so your engineers can begin fine
  • levelling on arrival so reducing their time. 
  • We will issue a report giving deviance from 0 within the set tolerances which can be issued to your client to record levels should foundation settlement occur.

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